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Why I Haven’t Posted On My Blog In A While

Did you just ask if I missed blogging? The word ‘miss’ is nothing compared to how I’ve felt these past months. Not just after the series of Help, My Fiancee Is 3months Pregnant For Another Man. (I saw the comments and the responses. Thanks a lot 🙂 )  So basically, I can say I was on a ‘desert experience’, that’s why I couldn’t do much here. You know there are times you have to live the message you teach and experience the advice you give people in some particular situations. Its very easy to talk and not do. So I was faced with quite a number of things. I was faced with lesser options, if not almost nothing and it helped. It helped bring a lot into perspective, and of course I learnt a lot that I’ll be sharing with you. So from here on, we are back on the Victory Path blog. There’s a lot to be discussed. Do you have posts that would inspire people that follow this blog? Send me a message and lets discuss. Do you think you can do more for this blog than be a follower, any ideas or contributions? Let’s talk about it. This week, take out time to read a post on this blog that you’ve never read before. It’ll be worth your while. Thanks for all you words of encouragement over time. I really appreciate them. And for those who checked on the blog and were disappointed to not have seen any new posts, I’m sorry. Write to you soon.

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