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Why Is It Difficult For People Who Borrow Money, To Pay Back When They Have It?

It’s time to ask this question because it’s been on my mind for so long now. You’ll be lucky if you’ve not come across a person or people like this before. They come to meet you in their point of need when they have nothing, and you decide to help them by lending them money. Of course, they give you a pay back date, and you are kind enough to manage without the money. Not because it was easy for you to sacrifice it, but because you wanted to be of help.

Then it so happens that they don’t pay back on the day they promised, weeks pass, even months pass and you see their situation improve. They even buy things worth more than ten times of what you lent them, but yet, they still don’t pay you back.

Today’s question is, why is it so difficult for people to just return what they borrowed even when they have it? Is it not enough that the person that lent them money sacrificed for them to have money to help their situation? Or is it better if one doesn’t give at all? Has this happened to you before? Have you borrowed money and found it difficult to pay back? Or you’ve been on the other side of not having money returned to you?

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I’ll be expecting your comments.. Lets discuss and share with others too to get their opinions.. We all could learn a lot from this discussion, and it could help others learn and become better too. See you in comment section. Thanks

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7 thoughts on “Why Is It Difficult For People Who Borrow Money, To Pay Back When They Have It?”

  1. Lovely one. This is an important topic that should be stressed. What I learnt from my experiences with people on money issues is never to give more than you can let go off. It hurts when it’s your friend that doesn’t pay back. It breaches trust and integrity. Don’t borrow if you can’t pay.

    1. Hmmmn.. As simple as this rule is, I have not done too many times.There’s a part of me that just wants to truly believe that the person would pay back, and then I get really disappointed. Great point there Einsteinette, never give more than you can let go of. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  2. This post really touches home for me as my highest value is integrity and when i say i will do something, i ensure i do it no matter; perhaps that’s why i expect people to do the same for me.
    Last year during the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, a family member who was out of work due to the closing of the schools needed some money badly, i didn’t have any money to spare but decided to postpone a very important thing i wanted to use the money for so as to help. Of course the person promised to pay immediately the schools were back in session (which was 2 weeks after).
    As you said days, weeks, months passed and no repayment or even mention of the money and yes the person bought things, traveled etc leaving me looking like zombie. There was a time when i was in dire need of money (which was apparent to the person) but the person didn’t even mention it, they even offered to borrow me money (chai!) After awhile, i couldn’t take it anymore so i stylishly asked for the money and the response was “I haven’t forgotten, am not paying you back ni” with no explanation or apology and am was like shooo!
    Well, i have learnt my lesson though the person has lost integrity with me. Let’s learn to stay true to our words and respect and honor people’s sacrifices for us.
    Well done!

    1. Omg.. People are really mean o. Imagine.. How can someone that borrowed money say he had no intention of paying back. I don’t know what to call that. If you tell them to sign a contract before lending them, they’ll say you are wicked and you don’t understand their situation. We must learn to honor peoples sacrifices for us, and stay true to our words. Great point Omotayo

  3. This is a very serious issue, I think its about integrity nd our love for money. We all complain that our leaders are thieves but it starts from somewhere. If we cannot be accountable and trust worthy with little, what happens when a whole nation is put in our care? I believe it’s greed.

    1. I like the fact that you point to the source; GREED! People are just too greedy with money, all they want is for them to keep getting, and nothing leaves their hands. It’s sad that many of the greedy leaders we have today would have started out like this, the greed was fed and they are where they are today.. We must stand firm and be people of integrity. Thanks Simi 😉

  4. I was caught on the receiving end of this madness for a great part of last year. I loaned two friends rather huge sums to me and did some business with another with an agreement to share proceeds. They all failed woefully in paying back.

    The first (say friend A) paid back after about 4 months of quarrels, pleas and all. The other (say friend B) paid back exactly a year after! Interestingly, friend B who promised to pay exactly a month after became someone I couldn’t recognize – an entirely different person. He got really rash when I asked for my funds. When I threatened to go the way of the Law, he then started paying in bits over months. The guy I did business with, who was clearly making profit, just decided not to pay my part of the deal. I had to get him locked up (yeah, don’t mess with me 🙂 ) for two days, surprisingly, the money surfaced.

    Now, my question – Why did you have to wait for me to get tough on you before you pay my dues, when you clearly had the money? It has to be GREED and a chronic case of a LACK OF INTEGRITY.

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