You Won’t Believe Why Jesus Says You Shouldn’t Be Afraid

The last thing anyone wants to admit is that they are afraid of anything or anyone. Fear is closely associated to weakness and vulnerability. But the truth is at some point in everyone’s life they have experienced fear. Right now, many people are making their life’s choices based on the fear of the things they don’t want to experience.

The interesting thing is that fear covers a whole range of areas, starting from the very little things to the bigger ones. While someone’s greatest fear may be eating a meal that may not be prepared safely, for another it can be living a life of poverty.

At the moment, the true purpose of life is something that quite a number of people are questioning. The reason this is happening is that things haven’t gone as planned or expected, and it starts to raise questions about the validity of everything. There is also the other side of seeing how vain life can be especially when we feel the impact of the loss of a loved one or close friend. This has made the fear of death another major fear people have.

Unfortunately, the TV stations and news mediums don’t regularly share the good news happening around the world, because bad and fearful news sells more. As for many that follow the news, there are a lot of fears about finances, the state of the country, whether there is a hope for tomorrow or not. The news of shootings, unfortunate accidents all over the world, makes these fears well up within us.

The closest to many of us is the fear of our relationships or marriages failing. The numbers also speak to this fear. We have more people seeing the possibility of their marriages failing than making headway and becoming blissful. The fear of being heartbroken has led many people to do things that the normal mind should naturally not think of.

The good news is that Jesus gave a very profound reason for us to not fear anything at all. Many of us may not have seen it the way He presented it because the reason looks so simple and can be easily missed. But I have found this truth to be empowering and liberating in all sorts of situations. I’m sure it will be the same for you too.

Ever read of Jesus and wondered about how He was able to go about performing all that was written of Him with ease and great confidence? I also have.

It was never recorded that Jesus was scared of anything. In fact, He scolded people for not believing or having enough faith. Even up to the various points where Jesus was to be killed by those around Him, the Bible tells us that He simply slipped away because it wasn’t yet His time.

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We can easily come to the conclusion that Jesus did not die before His time. Through scriptures, we see that He knew when His time of death was and gave up His spirit on the cross. Such power! He wasn’t afraid of walking on water or to where demon-possessed people were or to face the religious leaders that He knew wanted him dead with such confidence.

The good thing Jesus did for us is that He revealed what He believed in, and what truths made Him so fearless. It is a little revelation that will revolutionize how you see yourself and your knowledge of how God sees you.

Let’s read this portion of scripture together, shall we?

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.

Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.
Matthew 10:28‭-‬31 NIV

When we read this part scripture as a whole and not in parts, it passes a huge message. Jesus started off saying you should not be afraid of those who kill the body but not the soul. These people are fellow humans like us, the worst they can do is to kill the body. After a body is dead, nothing more can be done, that is hurtful to it. But God is the one to be feared because He can kill both the body and soul in hell.

Easy right? Fear God and not man. Most of us are aware of that. Then Jesus talks about the sparrows, a side to the discussion which seems to have very little to do with fearing God and not a man, but look closely, it’s related.

He says a sparrow is worth one penny (the same as one cent), extremely cheap! But none of them will fall to the ground without God’s care or knowledge. Even the hunters who go out to hunt can’t shoot down a sparrow, those who buy the sparrows in the market can’t kill them without the fathers care or knowledge.

Think about it a bit. God cares a lot about something that is worth almost nothing, one penny.

He then goes much lower to something that we don’t know how to value or could be pointless to many. The hair on your head is the discussion! Not many people really think the hair on their head is worth anything. You don’t go trying to cut your hair and sell it to others.

There are too many strands of hair to count, yet God has numbered the hairs on your head. If God was asked how many strands of hair are on your head today, He’ll tell you. How about when you were born? He’ll tell you the exact number too! Isn’t it amazing that God cares about even the little details that you don’t pay cognizance to?

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He then says to wrap it all up that you are worth more than many sparrows! 💃💃 That’s the climax of the whole matter right there! You may not know your value, or maybe you rate yourself much lower, but you are worth more than many sparrows. And for God to care about the sparrows that much, think about how much more you!

If God had a list of things He cared about and these sparrows that are so special to Him are number one on His list, then you probably aren’t on that list. And that’s because you are too important to be on that list. He has you planted in His mind, He thinks about you every minute, wants the best for you, guards you jealously and would help you to fulfill all that He has planned concerning you! To know how much you are worth, He sent His most valuable asset: Jesus, to die for you.

This is why you should not be afraid of anything or anyone. When those circumstances and situations that would bring the spirit of fear around you come, just lean back and rest in the knowledge of your importance to God.

If everyone is scared something negative would happen, you can be the Jesus in the boat that is soundly sleeping because you understand that you are valuable to God.

Because of this revelation, you know that you can’t die before your time. Even if they gang up against you as they did for Jesus, you will simply stroll out because God cares about you too much to allow the plans of men to come to pass in your life.

This deep truth will change everything about how you handle fear. Up to the point that if someone who can only kill your body threatens you, you can only laugh because you know you rank so high with God and that you will be saved.

Even if you don’t get rescued, you can laugh all the same knowing that the best they can do is kill the body, you won’t fear them because of that anyways. The person to be feared reverentially is God!

From now going forward, you will walk in the reality that God treasures you more than you can imagine. Like the three Hebrew boys, and even Daniel, the wicked plans that were set for them turned around and they were not hurt because God fought for them and they mattered to Him.

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Now, whenever those fearful thoughts come, and it starts looking like you want to give up, or that what you prayed for and desire has not come to pass, remember you are God’s priority. If the mountain seems too big to overcome, and all hope is gone, look to the sky at any bird you see and say “If Daddy God values these birds and takes care of them, He values me much more and will take care of me too”.

Supposing the regular bouts of doubt and depression that used to visit frequently try to visit again, they’ll stay far away because your knowledge of your significance to God has changed the atmosphere around you. You can think about your hair when things feel uncertain and say “If God knows the number of hairs on my head, He surely is with me in the situation and would work things out for my good”

No doubt, it’ll be easier for you to spend more time in God’s presence because you know He values spending time with you and would gladly listen to your prayers. If you’ve found yourself previously being cheated or looked down on by others, courage will rise up within you to speak for yourself, you are in high standing with God! Even in the face of the negative repetitive patterns and addictions that you may face, you can say to it “You cannot overcome the one who God cares about, God is aware of this situation and I will win!”

It’s no longer difficult to understand why Jesus spoke with such boldness and authority that left the people amazed. If you think the reason for Jesus’ boldness is because Jesus is God’s son, aren’t you His son or daughter too? We should see the same levels of exploits in your life too. Jesus was superior because He knew of His rank in God and walked like someone who knew His value.

It is time for you to do the exact same thing, bring this simple but profound revelation that Jesus shared and make it work in your life!

What did you say you can’t do again?


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