You Are Not Everybody & Everybody Is Not You!

It is commonplace these days to find people who don’t have a true sense of identity. When you ask them “Who are you? What kind of person do you see yourself being?” they don’t have any answers. Those who have answers share another person’s life as theirs. There is no sense of uniqueness or certainty, they think their lives must be exactly like that of someone else.

The fact is that there are no two exact people on earth, even twins do not have the same fingerprints! There are a large number of things that differentiate us from other people. God’s word points us to the truth that you were made with a unique purpose and He had determined what that purpose will be before you were conceived in the womb. How wonderful!

This shows one key thing, regardless of how similar your life and the things you may do together with others may be, you are not them and they are not you! At some point, your special path and purpose are meant to lead you to do and understand things in a way that no one else does.

It’s natural to have the need to be led by someone or by something. The way God made the world, Adam was the first and would be the last person that would meet no human being on earth.

It is easy to explain how Adam’s case could happen. He was not born like every other person, neither was Eve. God created them directly as adults; they were never babies, neither of them experienced being a child or a teenager.

Their first set of kids set the precedent that would be followed forever, which is that every other human will be born of a woman. Even Jesus didn’t miss that experience.

Have you noticed that most of the things you know how to do today, you learned by imitation and repetition? Those of us who have our own kids or have closely interacted with children have realized this interesting truth. If we learned by imitation and from those who are older than us, our continuing in this fashion shouldn’t be a surprise.

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The difference, however, is that the actions you picked up have now become a part of who you are today. You have learned to replicate the actions you imitated as a way of life. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to ask yourself how you learned what you know and if it is actually helping you live a better life.

We aren’t having this discussion to say following leadership is wrong, but to point us to how the ideas we have about our need to follow others were developed. God is the initiator of leadership, right from the Garden of Eden where He led Adam on what to take charge. God understands the place of having proper leadership and guidance, which is why He gave us the Holy Spirit. It’s His job to help us, guide us and lead us aright.

As we grow older and mature into becoming adults, the need to imitate others should not be as strong as when we were younger. Within ourselves, a lot has been built that should sustain us. Sadly, this is not the case. We have more people who tend to feel insufficient in themselves and incapable of dealing with what life throws at them. They feel like the only way to get ahead is to imitate what they see other people do, without asking whether it’s right for them or not.

Having to do things that every other person does, like getting an education, building a career, starting a family, doesn’t mean you are all headed to the same destination. It’s important to note this so you aren’t fazed when you see others doing things you can’t do or doesn’t immediately fit into the plan God has for you. You also shouldn’t feel bigger than others because you seem to be able to do what they are struggling to.

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Your capacity and potential isn’t something you set for yourself, neither can you make another man’s capacity your own or you face the possibility of breakdown. Let’s say you went to a gym to build muscles, you’ll figure out in no time that there are weights some folks can lift that you just never would be able to pull off even if you weighed the same as them.

Being able to stay within your capacity and not being drawn out because other people are doing the same is vital to staying original.

You and I need to end up where God destined for us to get to from the very beginning! This means that every open door isn’t necessarily a good door for you, every fine potential spouse isn’t the right spouse for you, every opportunity that comes your way isn’t necessarily yours either.

That you appreciate another person’s journey and pray for it to be like yours doesn’t mean that’s how yours will be.

Sometimes, it would seem like your path is slow and seemingly out of place. You may see people who you believe are your mates and colleagues making waves ahead of you. It’s not the time to be bothered if you have the right understanding that your journey is different from theirs.

Now with social media, you can keep tabs on the lives of people around you and find out every single accomplishment that they have and you don’t. Shouldn’t you be celebrating who you are and where you are first? If you are not, I think now is the best time to do so.

Are you having difficulties understanding your purpose and your uniqueness? I want you to know that you are not alone, everyone has had to go through this phase at some point. Even some of those who you believe are making it big are yet to experience this stage, and they’ll come to it later after you have gone through yours. Life is not a straight path where you can predict how everything will play out.

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The best place to start is to go to God to help you understand His plan for you and the reason for making you the way He did. Your talents, gifts, preferences, and passions were not placed in you by yourself, He put them there!

When God starts to give you an understanding of why He made you the way you are, you’ll find it easy to harness the gifts and capacity placed within you to achieve and contribute something different to the world during your time here.

The world deserves to receive all you have to offer and I trust God that you’ll deliver! But any time you are stuck in a rut of comparison, remember you aren’t everyone and everyone is not you. Your path and purpose is different from theirs. Hold this truth deeply to your heart and it’ll work wonders for you.


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13 thoughts on “You Are Not Everybody & Everybody Is Not You!”

  1. A wise person once said that if you always want to be someone else, who’s going to be you?
    We can only strive to be the best of ourselves and no one else. Great read!

    1. Eeeeeeeeh 👑 The wise person is clearly called wise for a reason. Deep line of thought right there Chef Tory. Thank you ❤

  2. Thankyou!
    This actually came right in time.
    I was already angry because I was being compared to another person. I just wish parents will understand this one truth. I really really hope they do. ✌

    1. Awwww. I totally understand what this is like. Don’t worry, it’s a temporary phase. Just keep doing your best to live your own truth and walk with purpose. Everyone tends to catch on at the end of the day. Soon enough they’ll understand and appreciate all that you are. Thank you Promise 😘

  3. Deep thought here my brother Victory!

    Do you want to find fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness? Simply acknowledge you as you!

    There never has been, and never will be, anybody exactly like you – we should tell it to ourselves everyday!

    Thank you for the shared thought, it’s simply profound.

    1. “Simply acknowledge you as you” 📌
      Food for thought. That’s coming to terms with the reality of who you are, strengths and weakness included, not everyone likes to do that. Thank you John for the profound words time again. God bless you!

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