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You Are Not Growing Up, You Are Growing Down!

Our perspectives shape our lives, and once we realize this, the more eager we’ll be to know how we see things. We’ll be more willing to evaluate our thoughts and actions with ease. This works the exact same way for everyone you know. What makes some people do well under the same conditions that others fail at is mostly because of how they see reality.

I’m not trying to get all motivational on you here, these things are true. Sometimes, the truth could motivate you, make you sober, make you cry or make you feel excited, it doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. More than anything, I want to you be fully aware of how you see situations and circumstances. This has led to today’s post where we’ll be changing one of our perspectives to how we see life. Let’s jump right in!

Now you know how we have gotten to discover that becoming an adult is much more tasking than we ever imagined. Growing up is something that hits you out of the blues and you really just have to find a way to grasp things. If I ask you if you think you’re more grown up now than you were 15 years ago, you’ll probably say “Yes, I have grown up!” And you won’t entirely be wrong.

But let’s examine what comes with growing up. It means your age is increasing, and that your bodily features are also becoming more mature. Speaking of maturity, growing up comes with the expectation of being mature too. But not everyone meets that expectation these days anymore, sadly.

Growing up also means you are also able to handle the expectations of your age and season. You start to feel that you are more qualified to make some certain decisions, big moves, and the likes. If during the time that you were young, you were waiting for the future to do all that you desired, growing up shows you that now is the time to get it done.

I’m sure you can relate to some things I have mentioned here. I am also sure that there are many things you are waiting to do in a few years from now because you don’t feel old enough to do it yet. It isn’t uncommon or out of place if you feel like that.

There’s this interesting observation that people have made, and it’s the fact that at the start of life, as a child you need the support of everyone around you to survive. Interestingly, the same thing also happens at old age when all the body parts become aged and don’t function as easily as they used to do. What then happens is that the aged person needs the help of those around them to make it through old age. Meaning that the old person kind of becomes a baby again, this signifies that each person has the potential to be a baby twice in life.

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This observation also goes clearly well with the illustration that parents take care of kids when they are young and that the children are the ones who are there to take care of their parents when they are old. It shows that both the kids and parents have a key part to play in taking care of each other in their lifetimes.

We can clearly say that your growing up is going to lead to reaching a point where you can’t do all that you want to do as often as you want to do it. Or that you finally feel too old to move your body and you have to lean on others to be a little more comfortable. Can we really say that’s growing up or growing down? Like a clock that was wound, it starts to get slow till it reaches the end. Hold that thought for a moment.

It would be nice if we all know that everyone on earth is going to live a very long life till they are very old and with great grandchildren too. Unfortunately, not everyone lives to a long old age, some people die as kids, teens, youths, adults, and others as aged folks.

Since it’s very clear that we don’t know when we’ll die, it should change the perspective of how we view life.

We currently see life like the moment when we were born, our time starts counting from zero, and as we grow older the time increases. That’s why we have birthdays, ages and dates on the calendar right? Correct. But the reality is the direct opposite of what it is.

The moment you are born, you are born with ALL the amount of minutes or years you have to spend on earth. And what you are having is a countdown, not an up-count on time. Every single moment that passes by draws you closer to the end of your life than to the beginning. You aren’t growing up, you are actually growing down as your time winds down.

This helps you understand why some people can die young and others die at an older age. We all don’t have the same amount of time to spend on earth. While some may have 75 years to spend on earth, others have 40 or even 30. So every single birthday is actually a reduction from the total amount of years you have to spend on earth.

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One important thing that would have helped us would have been to know how much time we have to spend on earth, if we did, we would have been able to plan our lives perfectly. But no one knows. You don’t know when you will die, neither do I know when I’ll die. We can only pray and believe that it’s long enough to achieve all we need to.

Now while this concept may seem to be very scary to you especially if you have never thought about it before, the truth is fear should not be the result of seeing things clearly.

What this should let you know is that you may or not have as much time as you think you do. As you read this post, some people have 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or 10 years left to live. We must live our lives intentionally.

It’s not enough to say to yourself anymore that “I’ll do this or that when I am all grown up.” If it is something that needs to be done, get to it now. It also depicts that you can’t afford to live your life carelessly, you need to be definite about your every move.

There is a place of patience in life and also fully understanding your process. Understanding patience makes you know that you can’t achieve everything you desire at once, but one step at a time you can make major moves to work towards it. You must understand that there should be an urgency attached to every moment you spend on earth.

Now is not the time to make God your last option, it’s important you make God your first and only option. Jesus died at age 33, and from day one, he never joked with his mission on earth. Many of us, on the other hand, are wasting time and watching it go by. We call it flexing or chilling out. Well, in the grand scope of things, it is called wasting time that cannot be gotten back.

It’s a countdown fam, it’s only in eternity that there is no time count. The time reads 00:00 forever.

Now, while this is a strong reality for you, it is also a reality for everyone else that is around you. Family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, pets. Everything that is currently alive is experiencing a countdown. Sad truth.

For me personally, this perspective leads me to enjoy and appreciate every single moment I have with myself, my family, friends and everyone I know. I don’t have time to hold grudges, envy people, fight them, ignore or not show kindness. We are all on limited time and shouldn’t spend the most of it on things that would not matter in the end.

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If you go through the tributes of any one who has passed on to glory, you’ll won’t find any negative comments in there. We are all there busy reading and writing about only the good things done in a person’s time on earth.

This implies that what matters at the end of the day are not the wrong things people may tend to do, but most importantly the positive moves they make.

It also points to the fact that we have limited time to express how much we really appreciate those who matter to us in our lives. The end of anyone’s countdown can be at any time. I have lost people I love, and if you have experienced anything close to this, you understand perfectly what I mean.

We never express how much people mean to us enough. I don’t enjoy reading tributes to those who have passed not because they make me all teary, or because they are written from a place of pain, but because the dead can’t even read them. And if they were able to read these things when they were alive, it would have meant so much more to them and helped them appreciate their lives better. We shouldn’t wait to the tail end of our lives to do the things we have always known we should do, or say the words that carry meaning to those we know we should say them to.

What is it that you need to do now? Build broken bridges? Lay down your hurt, pain or grief that someone else has caused you? Or it’s time to make a list of the people you need to celebrate and do so? For you, it may be time to sit down and have a clear moment on your life’s mission and purpose. Living an aimless life won’t get you to the right destination.

Even if you count yourself to not be expressive, you can still show people that you care. Now is the time! No one knows when the end is, only God does…

Help us to remember that our days are numbered, and help us to interpret our lives correctly. Set your wisdom deeply in our hearts so that we may accept your correction.
Psalms 90:12 TPT

Thanks for taking the time out to read. God bless you.

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11 thoughts on “You Are Not Growing Up, You Are Growing Down!”

  1. ..A very very insightful piece. Indeed every birthday is always a day closer to our graves. It is very important to live everyday intentionally knowing that our times on earth is limited.

    God bless you for this Victory!

  2. Everything written here is just awesome. Quickly wanna share this; i am the type that don’t really express my feelings on social media but this last week that my mum celebrated her birthday, sincerely i made people know on watsapp and IG that i have the best mum o. Not only that, i made sure i read to her everything i wrote, where i shared it, the pictures i used and even those that composed another epistle for her. In fact, some of my friends even got her no and called her. She was truly happy. Why am i saying this? It is better to appreciate people now than when they are gone like you have rightly said. God bless you Victory and your jar of wisdom will never run dry.

    1. Amazing! Your comment just made my day. I read this and sincerely, I was blown away. This is the kind of mindset we all need to have. It’s not enough to say we have so much love in our hearts and not be able to show it ❤ Thank God for the gift of a wonderful mum. It’s so important to appreciate those around us. Amen! Thanks Esther, this is proof that we can make these things happen 💡

  3. Wow, life must be lived intentionally and we must learn to appreciate people while we have the chance.

    1. Yes it must. We can’t afford to just live like there is no purpose to life. Intentional is the right word 🏆 Thank you Tolu ⭐

  4. This is such a timely piece. We can be intentional about our lives and also appreciative of the people around us at the same. Sometimes we tend to excuse not celebrating people we love by saying we’re working at stuff but we make time to cry and write tributes when they leave, but it shouldn’t be that way; work on yourself, be kind and show you care while you still can, everyone is growing down, some faster than others.
    Thank you Victory. Super inspiring 🙏🏼

    1. Yes Beverly!! You are right 100% 🏆 Those excuses are not good enough, there will always be things to do, sincerely. We don’t need to wait till it’s too late. Thanks dear 😘

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