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You Are Not The Only One Having Sex

Did you think you were the only one having sex? In the whole world? You have to be kidding me. You are not the only one. Sex is going on in the world every single hour, between both the married and unmarried couples. Sex is a pleasurable thing, and that’s why many people have found it very difficult to stay off it.

In our world where ‘baby mamas’ are the order of the day, the truth is things have changed and are still changing. Premarital sex isn’t what it used to be any more. When I was younger, I remember how dreaded premarital sex was, how we had read and heard over and over again that sex between unmarried couples was a sin. Right now, it doesn’t seem to be an issue any more. It is now regarded just like lying, stealing, coveting, blasphemy, just another sin we hardly take note of. I do not say this from the ‘Mr Most Holy’ position, but from the position of someone who understands the situation of things and knows the truth.


Apart from the fact that many people willingly choose sex, the theme of our generation is sex. From songs, to adverts, to dressings, to discussions and movies, there are so many ways to get caught in the sex web. I know so many people want to be free of sexual addictions, and still find themselves failing in that area every time. If you are really ready to battle it, help would come. But I’m particularly interested in a line of people though. They are the people that have given up on the possibility of people doing right, since the whole world seems to have gone wrong. Permit me to explain.

I’ve heard statements like “There is no relationship in which both partners abstain from sex, just as there are no virgins in the world any more”, “There is no man that is faithful to his woman”, “All women are all the same”, “There isn’t any one that works in the government that isn’t corrupt”, “There are no true men of God in existence, they are all false,”  “There are no real friends.” The list goes on and on. Permit me to say a few things.

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In the world we live in today, there are many divides. You really can’t blame people for making such statements. They are almost right. But one thing I realized over many years and I have seen confirmed, is that there are always people that are not doing what others are doing. Even if all we have is one person, the person overthrows the facts  that those things are completely true. So even if 99% of the politicians are corrupt, we can’t say that the entire system is corrupt because there is a 1% that isn’t corrupt. The same goes with every area that assumptions like this are being made. That little percentage matters very much,  and this is what has saved humanity. It is what gives the world balance. This little percentage of people that do right is what the Bible calls ‘The Remnant’.

Take a brief look at the Bible, you would find out that in every perverted or sinful generation, there was always a righteous man or a righteous group of people. God was willing to destroy the earth if not for Noah. And at that time Noah was the only one that was righteous on the surface of the earth. Noah was part of the remnants God kept to preserve the earth. It was the same with Lot at the time, he wasn’t burnt in the fire of Sodom and Gomorrah because he lived right. In actuality, there will always be remnants, and these remnants, would be the people that would give God the ability to judge the world justly on that final day. There will be some sins that people would claim that everyone committed, or a particular trend that everyone was following, God will then, bring out those people that stood out for him so he will be blameless, and his words will be true.

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This implies that, regardless of what our generation thinks, or what we do wrongly, there are always going to be people doing it right. Yep, you heard that right. Simply put, from now on it’s up to you to choose whether you want to be part of the remnants or just want to live your life as you please. Regardless of the side you choose, there are many others on your side. You are not the only one having sex and that’s the truth, and that’s because many others are having sex too, but there are also a large chunk of people also abstaining from sex. You may think that there are no good men in the world anymore, but you are wrong again. There are many good men, and there will always be. There are many people working in government who are full of integrity and always stand for what is right.

Don’t be fooled by the words of others, and get carried away. There are people on whatever side you choose to be. For every side you choose to be on, there are prices to be paid. Be wise enough to be the standard, to be the person God is vouching for, the same way he vouched for Job in a meeting in the heavens. Remember when Elijah thought he was the last prophet alive in his country? God then revealed to him that there were about 100 other prophets that were hidden in caves as well. God would always have people doing right in every sphere across the earth, so it just depends on what side you are on.

Learn this, people that are doing wrong always want to bring down people that are doing right so that they become the same. It’s more difficult to get corrected by someone who does the same things you do. It’s easier to pull someone down a hill than pull someone up. So what of people that have fallen short of what is right from time to time, what should they do? They should get it right again, and do their best to stay there. There are too many people that got to the wrong side mistakenly, or just by trial, now they live in the error daily. You can stand up and do right again, that’s all that matters.

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So I’ll like to encourage those who are standing for what is right, and are fighting the waves, the tides and the sin that the world presents to them on a daily basis. You can’t afford to give up now. Hold on to the values that have kept you standing all the way, they’ll keep you as long as you don’t let them go. God isn’t waiting for every single person to do right, he needs just the few to prove that he is always right. Why can’t it be you?

There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death“. That it appears to be right, doesn’t make it right. You know what to do…

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15 thoughts on “You Are Not The Only One Having Sex”

  1. “I choose to be on the side of God. ”
    God will continue to enrich you friend nd coach.
    Thank you
    had to create time to read it despite my tight schedule of things

  2. Timely word.
    Some of us are so scared to be different from the world. It takes a firm resolve and the help of the Holy Spirit to stand strong.
    Thanks VICTORY 🙂

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